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Try CommonMark for Drupal!


This demonstration is powered by the Drupal CommonMark module.

This is a module that provides a text format filter and converts Markdown to HTML based on the CommonMark spec. It utilizes the PHP library thephpleague/commonmark which was created and is maintained by The League of Extraordinary Packages.

The CommonMark module also supports the two additional extensions:

  1. First Item
  2. Second Item
    • Nested Item
      • Third level


Header 1 Header 2 Header 2
Cell 1.1 Cell 1.2 Cell 1.3
Cell 2.1 Cell 2.2 Cell 2.3

$markdown = '# Hello World!';
$html = commonmark_convert_to_html($markdown);
print $html; // <h1>Hello World!</h1>